The Project Room: A Few New Things

One of the favorite rooms in our home is the Project Room (labelled so in the original 1953 architectural drawings we're fortunate to own).  It's the room we play games in, read, nap and watch TV.  To my surprise, I actually kept the built-in cabinetry in its original color:  Cherokee Red.   I'm enjoying the energy the color provides and all the fun accessorizing it allows.  Recently, I added a few things to the space:  an Asian print that fits perfectly in a little nook, a Peruvian throw, a bold patterned pillow and two floor lamps that flank each end of  our lived-in sofa.  

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Moving Mode: Here And There

It's been nearly 8 months since our  move and things are gradually falling into place.  Items that once fit so nicely in our  Cambridge house have found a perfect placement in our California home.  Take a look at how it looked there and how it now looks here:

I think that a favorite part about decorating a space, whether it's for clients or for myself is utilizing what already exists and making it feel new again.

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House Hunting: One With Perfect Balance

This may be the one!  I love how this house relates to its setting, striking a perfect balance between indoor and outdoor living.  Tucked into a hill with lots of level land surrounding it, it provides ample space for playing and entertaining.  The common area is large and open while the bedrooms seem cozy and comfortable.  We hope to see it next week!  So much a part of buying a house is "trusting" that whatever should be will be.  This house, while it looks perfect from afar, may not be so up close OR it may have sold by the time we're ready to purchase.  This whole adventure is about taking chances......Wish us luck!