Off The Counter: Fried Okra

Alex and I recently reconnected with a dear friend from Cape Cod who now lives in San Francisco.  Although we hadn't seen each in a few years, our reunion felt as though no time or distance had come between us.  We recently visited him and his partner's impeccably decorated place in Diamond Heights (can't wait to get my lens all over THAT space) and enjoyed a delicious home cooked dinner.  One of the dishes they prepared was fried okra.  Mind you, it wasn't your typically battered and fried okra, this dish was light, crisp and extremely tasty. Take a look at a modern take on a Southern favorite, with ingredients and instructions below:


Okra (small pods are the most tender), coconut oil, sliced almonds, salt and pepper.


Cut the okra length wise.  Add about a tablespoon of coconut oil to a frying pan  Wait untl the oil is melted and very hot before you add the okra.  Toss until it's brown.  Remove from pan and add sliced almonds, salt and pepper.  Enjoy!

Many thanks to JB and DD for a delicious meal and a memorable evening!