Moving Mode: Exterior Paint Reveal

The exterior painting of our home is finally completed, including the entrance gate that became a dilemma.   After a little deliberation I decided to forgo an accent shade altogether and paint the entire house in the same color.  In the future I may try to go bold again, but for now keeping it simple is best.  Take a look at a few before and after (in our home's new color) photos:

Many thanks to those who offered their opinion of my accent color dilemma.  I particularly liked MT's comment on Cocoon's Facebook page.

On The Fence: Exterior Accent Color

The exterior painting of the house began and I just love the color we chose, but  I'm NOT loving our accent color selection.   I thought a bold shade would add a bit of fun to the house and accentuate its entrance like it did in Cambridge .  After trying out a least 5 different shade samples (none of which worked),  I decided to just to buy a gallon of yet another color and go for it without sampling it.   This is what I got.  Take a look:

It's been suggested that I mix this color with all the samples I now own.  What do you think?  Do you like the color?  Do you agree that the entrance should be highlighted?   OR  Should I just keep it simple and paint the whole house in the same color?

Seriously on the fence on this one,


Moving Mode: Before And After Exterior Painting

Moving mode is in full swing.  Getting the house ready for sale has prompted a new coat of exterior paint, interior touch-ups, closet clean outs and a fresh layer of garden mulch.  Honestly, all of that would have been done regardless of our move to the west coast.  So, for the next few months that we are still here,  the house will look its best and we will thoroughly enjoy it.  Take a look at the before and after photos of the exterior: