Botanical Inspiration: Max's Terrarium

During a recent family visit to Flora Grubb Gardens, not only did Alex and I get inspired (stay tuned for that), but so did our son Max.  While soaking in the array of plants and vessels so beautifully displayed, Max decided he wanted to put together a terrarium.  Knowing a thing or two about creating terrariums, I was thrilled about his excitement in making his very own.  Once we got back home, Max was anxious to get started.  Using nature scavenged branches, lichen, and some adornments I provided him with, Max created the most beautiful  terrarium all by himself.   After setting him up with the all materials we had at hand, I walked away.  This was a bit difficult since I can be somewhat of a control freak, but I did want Max's creative juices to be unencumbered by my presence.  To my utter delight, this is what he created:

Max is eager to create more hanging terrariums.  Thanks to his Babik, he now has a few more vessels to work on.  I asked him if he wanted to sell them, but he replied that they were too pretty to part with.  Below are few tips on helping your child build a kid-friendly terrarium:

1.  Collect branches, moss, pebbles, lichen, etc., while on walk/hike with your children.

2.  Provide your children with feathers, buttons, chandelier crystals or any other elements/miniatures they may want to decorate their terrariums with.

3.  Provide them with easy-care plants, i.e. Bromeliads (air plants), lichen or moss.

4.  Support the glass vessels your children use for their creations in a box with plenty of tissue paper or bubble wrap while they are working on them.

It's so heartwarming to watch one's child begin to channel his/her creativity through a medium one is so familiar with.  Cocoon Home Design lives on!

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