Books I'm Perusing Right Now


I have to admit that one of my New Year's resolutions hasn't quite materialized yet:  reading more.  For me, getting into a book entails a long train or plane ride (minus three kids) or a weekend getaway with the hubby (sans the kids again).  Since neither has happened as of late, my most recent reads have been more along the lines of visual and culinary inspirations. Take a look at three books I'm perusing at the moment...

Chihuly's glass sculptures are just amazing.  On a recent visit to the MFA in Boston,  I found Dale Chihuly's drawings to be equally impressive, so I bought Chihuly Drawing.  Learning how he first brought his 3-dimensional ideas to paper is purely magical.  The color combinations can easily inspire a room palette.

"The Best Camera Is The One You Have With You" is a journal of the author’s photos,  all taken with his iPhone.  It has made me realize that one can take great photos with any camera.  Strangely, just prior to giving me this book, my husband also bought me a fancy camera.

Above photo taken with my iPhone using The Best Camera App.

In Secret Suppers the author shares her dining experiences at supper clubs throughout the country.  With an occasional recipe thrown in, it speaks to my own desire to start a supper club in our area.

Have you perused or read any good books lately?!  Please share some titles...