Out And About: Modernaire, Oakland CA

IMG_2897 Last week I popped into Modernaire's new location in Oakland.  After years in Berkeley, owner Bruce Crawford moved his carefully curated mid-century wares to a large, well lit space on Telegraph Ave.  Living in a mid-century home, I'm naturally drawn to stores that represent the era, but what impressed me most about Modernaire was its wide array of accessories.  Clocks, lamps, bowls, art and even a free standing fireplace were artfully displayed and available for sale.  Any one of the items offered would be perfect for adding detail and personality to a space, mid-century or not.  Take a look: IMG_2932

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Out And About: Crimson Horticultural Rarities

This week's Out And About features Crimson a botanical shop located in Temescal Alley, Oakland.  After hearing about it from Alex, I knew I had to check it out.  With camera in hand I ventured in to find myself surrounded by an array of curiosities, plants and gifts all very artfully displayed.  Customers continually filtered in and out of this unique shop.  One could overhear plant talk, observe friends stopping by to say hello to its owners and chat with other newcomers admiring Crimson's wares. The energy was real and infectious.  Take a look: