Second Kitchen Update: The Delta Faucet

During the past two weeks we've been getting acquainted with our brand new kitchen and I will admit we're all very pleased with the results.   One of my favorite features in it (and there are many) is the new faucet.  Not only does its finish work perfectly with the cabinet pulls and the color scheme, but its 'touch' feature makes it fun for our kids to fill a glass of water, rinse their dishes or wash their hands.  By simply touching the spout or the handle water is immediately released.  Touching it again stops the flow.  I'm not usually one for gadgets, bells and whistles, but I'm super excited about the ease of use and elegant look of the Delta Single Handle Faucet .  Take a look:

*This post was sponsored  by Delta Faucet.  The particular faucet chosen by me was a Delta Faucet donation.  A big thank you to the company from all of us!  

All opinions and images are my own. 

Kitchen Renovation: Part 8

Now that the cabinet faces and drawer pulls are in place, the counters installed and the chandelier hung, our renovated kitchen is taking on the look and feel we were hoping for.  A few nights ago, while the kids slept over at Babik's, Alex and I celebrated its near completion.  We originally intended to fill and organize the kitchen cabinets, but instead opted to make a simple meal and get acquainted with the new space over a couple of beers.

We already know that the new kitchen will have a huge impact on our day-to-day living.  Its openness allows for better natural light and a much easier traffic flow.  The dark, cramped 1950's kitchen is no more.  Take a look at how it looks thus far:

Up next comes the hanging of the wallpaper and the island light fixture.  We're still deciding on stools and the dining table, but already have some very exciting prospects.  In the meantime,  I have an eye out for new dinnerware and a much needed runner rug.  Keep posted for more reveals...

Kitchen Renovation: Part 7

All the details are queued up, some have even been placed, but all else in our kitchen renovation seems to be at a total stand still.  Delayed cabinetry, drawers and electrical issues put the project in limbo at a time when we're all so ready for it to be DONE.  Thankfully, in the interim, I have these brass beauties to cuddle and to keep me focused on the vision of our brand new kitchen.

If all goes as planned, the drawers and the cabinet faces will be installed tomorrow.  Let's keep  things moving!!

Kitchen Renovation: Part 6

Now that some of the cabinetry is in place, our  kitchen is beginning to take shape.   We can actually imagine ourselves moving about cooking, entertaining, snacking and it feels really good!  Alex already made good use of our new island to build the Lindsey Adelman light fixture that will hang above it.  I've been impatient to see how the new and old accessories will work with the current color palette and have been playing around with area rugs, flatware and art.   If all goes as planned, the countertops will be installed on Thursday and the cabinet doors will follow suit.  I must admit, we're more than ready to have it all finished.  They're not lying when they say a kitchen is the heart of the home!

Kitchen Update: The Delta Faucet

After much research,  I found the perfect faucet for our new kitchen:  Delta's Trinsic Single Handle Pull Down unit.  The "Champagne Bronze" finish works really well with the brass pulls for our cabinetry and the wallpaper and counter color we selected, plus I love the clean lines of its design.  Take a look:

Things around here are starting to take shape.  Some of the cabinets have been installed and the reclaimed redwood panels have been sanded and stained.  Stay tuned for my next update and click here to see the progress already made.

*This post was sponsored  by Delta Faucet.  The faucet was chosen by me and donated by Delta.  All opinions and images are my own.