Kitchen Update: And The Winner Is...

IMG_3886 We made the decision and the Kai Kristiansen chairs are here to stay!  Their angled legs and recessed backs complement the elegant base and brass finish of our Barbera table.  Not to mention the fact that they're uber comfortable and period appropriate for our home.  Now there's a clear balance between the kitchen's modern renovation and our home's authentic mid-century design.  Take a look: IMG_3884IMG_3881Up next is the table top and some [large art].   The dining area is taking a while to come together, wouldn't you agree?

Many thanks to the readers who expressed their opinions on the chairs.    I really enjoyed reading all the comments!



Kitchen Update: Deciding On Chairs

IMG_3825 Last Saturday, Alex and I set out to find chairs to place around our new dining table.  After visiting a few Mid-Century shops we found 5 period appropriate contenders, all of which came with us overnight.  After studying the chairs, both from near and afar, we were able to narrow the options to 3.  One designed by Eric Buch, another by Kai Kristiansen and the third by Ole Wanscher's.  Taking in account their comfort, shape and wood grain all 3 could work in the space and the table but only ONE can stay.  I have my favorite.  Which one is yours? IMG_8986

eric buck psd

1.  Eric Buch

Kai2.  Kai Kristiansen

3rd chair psd

3.  Ole WenscherIMG_3820

Many thanks to the folks at Modernaire, Antiques and Modern and Klassik Living for working with us!