Pod Art

When it came time to unveil my latest endeavor on Debra’s lifestyle blog, she asked me to write a little something about it.  Where to begin?!

“Pod Art” is perhaps the newest expression of my love for plants.  Ever since I can remember, the happiest childhood memories revolved around them.  Whether playing with dolls on a bed of violets, watching my grandfather weave daisy crowns for me, or climbing trees to eat their fruit for what seemed like hours, these experiences forged a bond with Nature that continues to fulfill and inspire me.

Love of perennial gardening led me to create both live and dried floral arrangements for friends, boutiques, restaurants and the grandest of hotels.  Together with Debra we’ve designed, planted and sold [too many to count] original compositions for weddings, as bridal bouquets, terrariums, succulent planters, mini biospheres and even vertical gardens.

“Pod Art” evolved naturally from this.  It combines both the end AND the beginning of the growing cycles and it provides an interesting array of visual shapes and textures that allow me to wield a glue gun as a painter would his/her brush.  Foraged seeds and nuts, twigs and feathers, lichen and moss, beads and metal come painstakingly together to form unique and beautiful art.  I hope that some of you will agree with me on that...NS

It's always exciting for me to watch Natalia create art no matter what it may consist of.  I'm honored to feature her latest works, as well as reflections on her personal creative journey.

If you’re interested in buying or commissioning one of her original wall hangings, please email me at:  debra@cocoonhome.com for details.