Guest Blogger

In yesterday's post we admired design and detailing in antiques. Today, guest blogger Brooke Richard shows  us how present day furniture design is crafted with a renewed dedication to sustainabitity and purpose for the future.  Take a look.

Handmade furniture produced in the US is relatively rare these days. In fact, more than half of our furniture is produced overseas due to much lower production costs.  Consequently,  the makers have become disconnected from the finished product. There is, however, a crew of young, talented people emerging around our country that is dedicated to making beautiful,  handcrafted furniture. Its commitment to remain close to the work throughout the production process ensures that each piece is heirloom quality. I recently had the opportunity to visit several places like this.  It was very inspiring to witness fine proportion and detail in the making---features long gone in the mass- produced furniture that dominate today's market.  The real joy, however, came from meeting the crafts men and women involved  in the process.  It is truly the makers behind each handcrafted piece that ingrain it with its soul and character.

Lake collection by BDDW.

Sawkille Co. Hudson Valley New York


Studio Dunn - Rhode Island

Many thanks to Brooke for contributing to Cocoon's blog.