So Pinteresting: Branches In Interior Spaces

Using branches to decorate your home is suitable at any time of year, but springtime is by far the best season for it.  Dogwood, cherry, quince and forsythia branches can be found at your local florist,  in flower markets or in your own backyard.  Their dramatic silhouettes and delicate sprouting buds make them a visual delight indoors.  Be sure to cut and pound the bottoms of the stems before placing them in your containers, so that the woody stems absorb water better.   If you opt for dry branches, such as manzanita or driftwood, simply put them in a favorite vase or hang them on a wall or from the ceiling.   Take a look at some of my favorite 'branching' images:

My favorite image is the last one.  I love how dramatic the red maple tree looks in the entryway.

Which is your favorite?