So Pinteresting: 7 Fantastic Outdoor Rooms And Tips For Creating Your Own

Even the mildest winter is followed by spring.  It's time to begin thinking about and planning our outdoor spaces.  Whether they're big, small, roof topped or open, outdoor 'rooms' allow you to fully appreciate nature's wonderful perks.  Take a look at 7 very special outdoor spaces and tips for creating your very own.

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Tips for creating an outdoor room:

1. Define your outdoor space and decorate it as you would your indoor space.  Make the two cohesive.

2.  Create privacy with large plants, curtains or natural screens.

2.  Add lighting.  It can be provided by candles, solar or electric lights.

3.  Have plenty of seating for guests and make it comfortable with pretty cushions and pillows.  Keep a throw handy for chilly nights.

4.  Place small pots on tables and side tables with interesting plants (i.e. succulents or bromeliads).

5.  Don't over accessorize with garden art and sculptures.  Less is more in nature.

6.  Look for affordable garden furniture on Craigslist and at garage/yard  sales.  Remember that you can use indoor furniture as well.

7.  Have designated outdoor plates and glasses.  I keep a basket stocked with napkins, flatware, dishes and candles so that when that spontaneous BBQ happens, I'm quasi ready.

Maybe I should add a flask or two of Gin & Tonics to it...

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