What's Your Scent?

After almost 12 years of wearing the same fragrance, I may have to find another one because my favorite is no longer available. I was first introduced to Fresh's Geranium Pepper  while working at Filamento's in San Francisco, the first ever (in my opinion) life style store.  As I was leaving one night, I sprayed a bit on, thinking it would be nice to  find a scent of my very own.  When I awoke the following morning to the spicy and earthy aromas of Geranium Pepper,  I immediately knew it was IT and I've worn it ever since.

What am I to do now?  After a speaking with someone at Fresh, I found out that their fragrance bar features nostalgic scents (geranium pepper not being one of them [yet]).  I was told to begin a campaign requesting it.  So this post is the start of just that, my campaign to bring back my very own beloved scent.

Do you have a favorite scent? If so, what is it?

What should I do in the mean time, should I find another scent or go without one hoping that Fresh will offer 'nostalgic' Geranium Pepper real soon?

You can help bring back my favorite scent by tweeting the founder of Fresh or mentioning the message below on Fresh's Facebook page.  Just copy and paste:

Twitter @FreshFounder I'd love to help out my friend get her signature scent back:  Geranium Pepper.