The Dynamic Round Table

My husband and I recently took the kids out to dinner and we were reminded how nice it is to sit around a round table.    The dynamics of conversation are completely different.  The conversation easily flowed from one child to another, we were able to keep an eye on how much or how little they were eating,  and there was plenty of room in the center of the table for extra plates and such.   We decided that in our next house we're going round.  Take a look a some tables that I found.

Above, Oscar dining table from Hudson.

Clayton Gray Home's Rotating Architects table has an adjustable base and a cool gunmetal finish.

Robb & Stucky's New Attitudes table.

I like the look of the mixed upholstered chairs in the Charles Collection available at Bloomingdale's.

The Brooke pedestal table from Bungalow 5 in limed oak.

I love the seamlessness of this table.  The base is just beautiful.

I can't forget a classic and always a favorite, the Saarinen table.  Mix it with traditional wood chairs to balance the laminate top to make it a bit funky.

Remember when looking for a round table choosing one with a pedestal is key, it allows for more chairs to go around. Round tables also  tend to take up more space, especially if you have a family of five and entertain often you need at least a 60" diameter,  so measure your room before purchasing.  Also, check out Craigslist for a used one, you can easily paint the whole table or just the top a cool high gloss color.