An Anniversary of Sorts


It's been a year since my very first blog post.  Can you even believe it?!?!  I know that it may not seem like a long time to most, but for someone who was adamant about not blogging, it's changed the way I look at things, all things.  Never did I imagine I would enjoy writing Cocoon's blog this much.   It's turned into a creative release for me, an incentive to become computer savvy and a test of my ability to translate design into writing.  I'm looking forward to the future and would LOVE some feedback from  you all.  Please don't be shy, for I welcome criticism and praise alike.  I'd like to know more about Cocoon's readers, and what they  look for in a blog nowadays particularly when there are so many great blogs out there.  I aspire to remain original, creative and inspiring.  Learning photoshop, becoming a better business person, and retaining the balance between home and work are on my personal agenda.

To help evolve Cocoon's blogging I would so appreciate  your honest feedback.  When you have a moment, please answer the questions below.   Your comments, questions and opinions are welcomed.  If you prefer to email me your responses, please do so at:

1. Tell me something about yourself.  For example:  where you live, how you live, age, family, career/hobbies, pets, obsessions...

2.  How often you read Cocoon's blog?

3.  What do you like/dislike about Cocoon's blog?

4.  What would you like to see more/or less of?

5.  Do you prefer spontaneous or scheduled postings ("Off The Counter" becoming a regular Monday post, for example)?

6.  What are some of your favorite categories:  Room Inspirations, Off The Counter,  The Way We Live,  'Til Monday, Before and Afters,  DIYs (you know I don't,  but love to blog about those who do),  So Pinteresting, etc.?

7.  What other blogs do you enjoy viewing/reading?

8.  What are some of your favorite places to shop for home, garden or fashion?

9.  Would you recommend/not recommend Cocoon Home Design's blog and why?

Looking forward to hearing from all of you,