Easter Charm


The sense of reflection and renewal that Easter brings has always made it my favorite holiday, even as a little girl.  Now, with children of my own,  I understand how important it is to celebrate and preserve holiday traditions in a growing family.  One of my favorite symbols for Easter is a cloisonne egg necklace that my mother-in-law wears every year at this time.  The chain is adorned with beautifully embellished Easter eggs that she has received through the years.  Presently, my daughter Zoe is the recipient of enameled Easter eggs meant for her own holiday necklace [in the making].

Please take a look at how pretty and ornate they can be:

Easter Necklace with Faberge Eggs

When celebrating Easter [Russian style] make sure you kiss one another three times in alternating cheeks.

Tradition, tradition, tradition......it's a GOOD thing, don't you agree?!