So Pinteresting: My Favorite Bedrooms


I'm obssessed with pinning.  If you're not familiar with technology's latest time consuming feature,  click on the pinterest button on the upper right to see what I've been up too, late into my night...   It's a place where one can create a virtual mood board  by "pinning" images from the computer to boards that one categorizes.  For example,  the photos in this blog post are taken from my board labeled "to sleep".  People can  share images as well as follow each others'.  With that said,  take a look at 7 of my favorite "pinned" bedrooms.

above images: emmas design blogg

image: apartment therapy

Image: snitch- snotch

image: Remodelista

Ultimately, my newly renovated bedroom is my favorite pin.  To check it out click here. Pinterest has become a great tool for my clients' projects, for blogging in general and for a plain inspiration source.

Image: Living Etc

What's your favorite bedroom?  Pin it!!!