Room Inspiration

Each time we visit my parents, our children escape to their basement to ride the mechanical horses my father restored.  During our last trip I stood and watched the delight in my daughter's face and contemplated how much fun it would be to have them installed in her room.  How wonderful it would be for her to wake up and see the two pink horses meant to entertain and delight her and her friends.  So here it is:  if  Zoe had a room of her own the horses would be a big part of it.  Take a look at how the room would look:

Serena and Lily's pondicherry headboard upholstered leaf diamond fabric adds drama to any room.

I like combining geometric and floral prints, so this vintage scarf bedding pairs nicely with the headboard.

The distressed metal of the Urban Outfitters' pier side table complements the bedding perfectly.

I love the colors and tassles in the bedouin rug.  It's a bit small, but at $18 each, you could sew a few together to achieve the right dimensions.

Maine Cottage's double dresser in celadon.

Urban Outfitters' gypsy chandelier gives the room a fun sense of both color and glamour.

A place to cuddle during story time:   Antoinette Fainting Sofa.

John Robshaw's primrose pillow provides color to our scheme.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  Ours was beautifully calm and crazy at the same time.  The house is still feeling its effect. I'm looking forward to resting, playing games, sledding and not preparing any lunches this week!