Reader Share

I recently visited a client [who has become a really good friend] and was delighted to see she incorporated elements from Cocoon's blog into her holiday season decor.  Take a look at a few photos of her beautiful home ready to celebrate and be celebrated  .

The above is a take on Cocoon's series Heavy Metal,  a post on how to incorporate and mix metals in your space, other than stainless steel.  In the dining room a vintage bronze and silver lamp is accompanied by a bowl  filled with both gold and silver balls for added holiday flair.

The dahlia placemats were inspired by the post:  Black and Gold: The New Table Standard.

In the post Baubles and Baubles,  I suggested coordinating ornaments to your existing color pallets.  Here the reader does it with elegance and pizzaz, using the sofa color and the textures and patterns of the pillows to guide her ornament selections.  Result:  beauty and harmony prevail.

I'd love to see how you decorated this season.  Please send in photos and write about what inspired you...