Christmas Past

In preparation for the holiday decorations this year, I looked at our family's previous years' Christmas trees.  My husband and I have moved quite often, so looking back  at  past holidays, conjured up  memories of different places we lived in and the lengths we went through to pick the right trees for each of them.   For me the perfect tree is not necessarily 'perfect'.  Long spindling branches with lots of space between them so larger ornaments can hang freely and garlands can drape naturally are key.   The past few years I've been obsessed with having a white tree, which led to an excursion to JC Penney (via the internet).  My husband thought  it was  to eliminate pine needles on the floor for our children's sake,  which was a good part of it,  but it was also all about the color I was obsessed with that season.   This year I look forward to the falling pine needles and their natural woodsy scent throughout the house.  Take a look at our Christmases past.

Each year the collection of ornaments grows and the tree gets more and more adorned.  Can't wait to see how this year's tree ends up looking!

Happy holiday decorating.