The Master Bedroom and Bath Reveal

n It's here, the master bedroom and bath reveal.  Our new space brings lots of natural light, plenty  of room to move about, and a 6ft tub for the kids to bathe together in.  To see before photos click here.

All reveal photos masterfully taken by Jonas Kahn.  Many thanks!

West Elm's low bed frame was a perfect fit for our bedroom since I wanted the wallpaper to act as a headboard.  The bedding is from Dwell Studio and the wallpaper is from Steve's Blinds and Wallpaper.  The bronze reading lamps blend into the wall.

Materials that  once inspired the space are now defining it.   See the August 12, 2010 'Til Monday  post.

A wallpapered pocket door separates the two rooms.  The dresser found at Reside expands the bedroom into the bath and provides a place to showcase my newest obsession :  terrariums,  (read and see more about that tomorrow).  I love the fact that the bathroom fixtures are not visible from this angle.

Ikea's double vanity is great for the children.  The light above the sink adds a bit of whimsy, while Frida's portrait adds both color and drama.

One of the worse parts of the renovation was taking down our wall of photos.  They're finally back and actually,  now I have room for more.

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Let me know your thoughts and comments on this latest reveal...