Losing Momentum~~~Gaining Time And Clarity


Ever since last year I've been going, going, going.  Deciding whether to move or not, preparing for it and gradually settling into it, while blogging about it and other lifestyle themes every step of the way.   I'm very pleased with our move's successful outcome and how well Cocoon Home Blog has been received through it all.  Keeping up with both the move and the blog kept me in constant action mode, but after a recent long weekend away and the loss of my phone (on the first day), my momentum has slowed down.

Without a phone I found myself able to think clearly for the first time in a long time.   During our latest trip to Tahoe, I felt very sentient, not consumed by instagram, the blog or emails.  Just living the present in heavy boots, surrounded by chilly noses and beautiful views.   I finally had time to think about the creative things I would like to focus on, such as gardening and remodeling our kitchen, as well as enjoying unencumbered time with our children and growing Cocoon Home Design's services.

Although I bought a new phone on the way home from Tahoe, I have made an effort to gently immerse back into the virtual world, this time with caution.  I realized that I love blogging and will continue to do it,  but with less urgency and more dicipline.  I look forward to more quality time with my family and the pursuit of other creative endeavors.

You may hear a little less from me in the future.

Have YOU had any recent revelations?