Off The Counter: The Breville Juicer

This week's Off The Counter is inspired by the juicer that my husband gave me for Christmas.  Having always loved fresh carrot juice and craving it lately, I thought that having it readily available would be great for all of us, kids and adults alike.  I must confess not everyone is enjoying it as much as I am.  Regardless,  I continue to experiment with different ingredients.  Yesterday I blended carrots, celery and ginger root that resulted in a juice that was both sweet and spicy, not to mention super healthy.   My children are loving the mechanics of the juicer.  Now, if only I could get them to drink the darn juice!

In the past I've tried other juicers, but this one is by far the quietest and easiest to clean.   If you own a juicer, I'd love to hear about your favorite juicy combinations.  If you don't,  I strongly recommend you invest in the Breville juicer [here].

Thank you Alex!