How I Use Pinterest: Professionally And Personally

 Pinterest has changed the way I manage both my personal and professional lives.


 Creating pinboards for clients, like this one, allows me to quickly and efficiently source items that can be easily accessed by them with product descriptions, prices and manufacturers.  The boards can be adjusted by adding or deleting items as per client feedback.  I like the way the pinboards empower my clients to take an active part in the design process.  Depending on the scope of the project, either Cocoon Home Design can execute the pinboard vision with drawings, product purchases and placements, or the clients can refer back to the board as time and money allows and take on the project themselves.

In regards to blogging, pinning has been a great tool to collect and organize ideas for potential posts, like this board entitled 'branches'.  When the text describing the pins is written,  the images are transferred to the blog  and a post is created.    What I don't like, however, is that those following me on Pinterest  can begin seeing a post take shape before it hits the blog.  I sense that private boards will soon be available to all.  I would much prefer to have client and blogging boards kept separate from daily pinning eyes.


No more dog eared or torn magazine pages stacked up to the ceiling.  Don't get me wrong, I will always love flipping through the pages of a fashion or design magazine, but pinning has kept what I fancy organized and at the ready for purchase or inspiration. Rumor has it that my husband found a birthday gift for me on Pinterest.  (now that's personal).  Take a look at 2 examples of how I "personally" pin:

to wear:

A collection of seasonal clothing and accessories that I covet.  Having the images and sources in one place has actually helped me "create" a season's look, pare it down and purchase without guilt.

california style:

A collection of images that will inspire the design and decoration of our new home in California.

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Many thanks to Pinterest for creating a method to the madness.

I love Pinning.

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