The Way We Live: Classic Elements And Bohemian Accents

IMG_3451 This happens to be the 16th home photographed and featured in my blog's [hands-down] favorite category:  The Way We Live.  Each of the spaces I have shared with you has been completely different from the rest but equally beautiful and representative of its owners' style and life experience.  I'm honored to have had the opportunity to turn my lens on this East Bay home.  Its mix of textiles, patterns and color reflect a casual elegance with an inviting coziness, making it a family friendly showcase.  Pieces that have been in the family for generations blend seamlessly with newer acquisitions, thus honoring the past and present in home decor.  In this post the owner (and friend) shares her living room, which much like the rest of her home, combines classic elements with sophisticated boho accents and feel good colors.  Take a look:

IMG_3405 IMG_3443






Thank you, BJP, for sharing your chic and cozy home with my Cocoon Home Blog readers.


The Way We Live: Art, Tales And Canine Friends

While in Boston, I had the opportunity to spend a night at a dear friend's place.  I've always felt welcomed and comfortable in this home.  My friend's place is earthy, eclectic and classical at the same time.  Little vignettes scattered throughout the house are meant to remind of exotic trips, special family memories or stories of a personal nature.  There are seashells from a trip we all took to Vieques Island almost 9 years ago, her Nana's favorite chair, seed pods collected on hikes in many faraway places and, of course, there is Henry (featured above).  The walls are a feast for the eyes due to an amazing art collection. While music played faintly in the background, I snapped away trying to capture a brief moment of my life in her very special space.

Thank you JG for hosting me and for sharing your warm and cozy home with our Cocoon Home Blog readers.

One of my favorite things as a blogger is to feature people's homes in "The Way We Live".  Homes that aren't overly decorated or styled, homes just as they are.  It has been gratifying to photograph so many wonderful spaces.  You can see more of them here.

I believe that Cocoon Home Blog inspires its readers to surround themselves with objects that speak to them and for them.

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The Way We Work: Cocoon Home Design

With the help of these images and this room inspiration, our home office has taken on the look and feel I was hoping for.   Now, the workspace that Alex and I share is both functional and comfortable.  Here are some more shots and, also, tips on creating or renovating your very own home office.

9 tips for creating an organized home office space with a personal touch: 

1.  Layer your lighting between task lamps and ceiling fixtures.

2.  Find the right chair/s for both comfort and style.

3.  Thread computer wires through drilled holes in your desk tops.

4.  Use trays, folders and/or clipboards to store mail and organize paperwork.

5.  Always have a plant, big or small, in the space.

6.  Surround yourself with images and/or objects that inspire you, but strive to keep the area uncluttered.

7.  Place a candle nearby with your favorite scent for a relaxing effect.

8.  Do have extra seating for a visiting friend, client or coworker.  This could even be a stool that doubles as an additional surface for magazines or books.

9.  Ensure your desk is at the ready with pens, pencils, paper, chargers and a glass [or two] of water.