Before and After-Master Bed and Bathroom Demo

This past weekend was the start of our master bed and bathroom renovation.  It started with a boom and ended with lots of dust, soot, and debris.  Thanks to the help of my father, some brave friends and my husband our project is well under way.  Take a look at some before and after photos of the demo stage.

About two weeks ago the door to our roof deck literally fell off its hinges.  I came home and found lying in the middle of the deck.  Great timing.  It will be replaced with a sliding door to allow lots of light to flow in.

So the rest of house remains in tact but the faint smell of dust lingers.  We are all excited to update our 1850 Greek Revival home.  This renovation will complete the house. We've done just about all we can do to it structurally but when it comes to decorating, that never ends.  I'll keep you posted with the construction progress and my vision for it when it’s done.  I feel another color obsession coming on.