A Harbor View Event


This past Saturday, my husband and I attended an event benefitting Boston's Camp Harbor View.  It's a summer camp that gives city children the opportunity to escape their urban environment to experience fun summer activities like swimming, hiking and crafts.  The camp's programs are geared to build confidence and leadership skills that will empower the children throughout their lives.  Located on Long Island (in the Boston Harbor), the camp has open fields, wooded trials and sandy beaches all of which can be safely explored and enjoyed.  To learn more about the program click here.

The event was beautifully executed in a classic New England style.   Red and white boat-wheeled tablecloths, tightly wrapped blue gingham fabric and exposed wood tabletops set the tone for the dining hall.  Take a look at a few photos.  (Keep in mind my new 50mm camera lens was being tested for the first time...)





Thanks to NM and GM for inviting us to share in celebrating and honoring a truly wonderful Boston program:  Camp Harbor View.