Fabric Obsession


While fabric scouting recently I came across a series of designs that reflect a "watercolor" effect in which the colors seem to bleed into the materials.  I found these fabrics to be a nice departure from the geometric and ikat designs that have been so popular as of late.  Don't get me wrong, I'm huge fan of the latter,  but it's so nice to discover something new.   Now I'm going to obsesses about working these latest arrivals into my space or someone else's.   Take a look at some examples.

Above Rubelli's Malvasia is printed on velvet making the colors seem deep and textural, almost like ink stains.  Love it.

Stripes take on a similar effect with Rubelli's Frezzeria pattern, turning a geometric pattern into something soft and playful.


Donghia's Jolie panel has a concentrated watercolor pattern at the bottom leaving the top sheer to allow light to filter through.  Panels are  57" wide.



So, what do you think?  Are you ready for a brand new look in textiles?