Recovery Soup

After a long and barely comfortable red eye flight back to the east coast, I knew that a good homemade soup would help us recover from our weary travels.  The soup of choice:  borscht.  A mixture of gold and ruby red beets,  this Russian favorite is perfect to cleanse the blood and regulate one's system.   Topping the soup with sour cream and fresh dill adds the right bit of freshness and lightness a winter day requires.  Take a look at the not so measured ingredients and remember to make it your own.  I sauté cubed beef and then deglaze the pan with red wine to give the broth depth and richness, but you can easily prepare this soup vegetarian style.

Ingredients- cubed beef, canola oil, red wine, onions, beets, celery, carrots, broth of choice, sour cream, dill, salt and pepper.

Brown cubed beef and remove, deglaze pan with red wine, sauté onions, add chopped beets and broth. Simmer and return beef to pot.  When beets are tender, blend the soup leaving a few beets whole.  Add salt and pepper, then top with sour cream and dill.  Enjoy!

If you ever have questions about my not so precise cooking techniques please do not hesitate in asking.