A Salty Adventure

Last Saturday night, after a bottle of good champagne, my husband and I blissfully put the kids to bed and began working on our second course, a smoky citrus tomato salad. The not-so secret but essential ingredient:  smoked Mexican salt.  The crystals are a rich brown, almost black,  and are just as smoky as they are salty.  We finished off the evening with my new favorite chocolate:  Mast Brothers' dark chocolate with roughly chopped almonds and sea salt.  It was truly a salt-bound adventure.

The ingredients for the salad are below.  Keep in mind, as I mentioned in my last "foodie" post,  I don't really keep track of measurements,  so be bold and make this salty adventure your very own.

Smoky Tomato Salad: Heirloom tomatoes and blood oranges cut into large pieces, a small amount of arugula tossed on top (remember it's not about the leafy greens), and a generous pinch of  Mexican smoked salt.

Dressing:  Rice vinegar and virgin olive oil.  NO PEPPER.