Tree Rescue

Our latest winter wonderland-like snowfall,  beautiful in many respects,  is causing our 30 year old 15 ft arborvitae hedges to take on a new silhouette.   The snow, wet and heavy,  makes them bend so incredibly much that their upper most tips are just about  touching the ground.   All day long, we've been on a "hedge rescue" detail:  relieving their surrendering  branches from snow and ice  in an attempt to save them from splitting and breaking.  With each broom slap the branches release a bit of fallen snow back into the air and ground around them.   These trees are an important part our life.  They frame our small city yard and provide privacy from surrounding 3-story homes turning it into an effective oasis for entertaining, playing and relaxing in any season.  They remind me of the important role vegetation plays in our landscapes, both urban and suburban.  If we even lose just one tree,  the effect is not only seen, but very much felt as well.

In honor of our struggling arborvitae,  I began looking for images of other grand and thriving hedges on the internet.  Please take a look below:

In the meantime, I promise to keep you posted on our very own privacy providers (relentless East coast blizzards non-withstanding) throughout this winter.  Wish them well!