Curtain Change: Before and After

After our summer-long renovation of the second floor was finished I realized the first floor also needed a change...a curtain change.  Before:  simple floor to ceiling white linen panels from IKEA .

After:  West Elm's carved circle panels.  The pattern makes the space feel bigger and I love how it looks against the wallpaper.  Still light in color and texture, the panels allow the afternoon sun to shine through.  Although it was a small change, it definitely refreshed the space.  My winter pillows, however,  made a cozy and warm comeback.  Below is a photo of the pillows that started it all.  Yes, I'm referring to Cocoon Home Design's blog.   I'm already thinking about new fabrics for them to incorporate the new and fabulous (2011) spring colors.

Have you made any recent decor changes you'd like to share with me?