Tray Secrets

Everyday at least 3 times a day I use a tray.  It has completely simplified meal times for me.  No matter how big or small the meal is, desert or breakfast I set my tray on the counter and fill it up with all the necessities for eating.  It keeps the dishes contained, my counter free of clutter and limits the back and forth from kitchen to table. If the kids don't bring their dishes directly to the sink they put them on the tray and off I go.  My favorite tray is the Formaos  from CB2.  It's handles make for easly pick up and the stand creates another surface which we use when barbequing.  I like that is multi-functional, light and easy to clean.  Take a look a few others.

Simply Designz metal tray from Bloomingdales is $55.  This tray will look good in any home.

I love this one.  It doesn't have handles but for those evening cocktails with friends it's perfect.  With high edges glasses and plates can't slide off,  the divider is adjustable and the lid doubles has a tray. All that for $146.