Would You Pineapple?

A symbol of hospitality, the pineapple is often associated with traditionally tropical and colonial decorating styles, but lately I've come across it in a much more modern context.  Will the pineapple transform itself [again] into a colder climate hot decorating trend?

Would YOU pineapple?

Above:  Silver Pineapple Wallpaper by Meg Mathews.

This black jeweled pendant lamp brings a healthy dose of glam to the traditional pineapple motif. Available at:  Present.

Dark Dog Studio's pillow has a funky Warhol look.

Jenny Wilkinson's paint by number pineapple wallpaper gives you the opportunity to paint it a color that best suits your space.   LOVE the idea, although I'm definitely not patient enough to do it on my own.   It may just call for a pineapple daiquiri painting party...

A classic Waterford vase to balance a well appointed contemporary room.

Pineapple fabric form GP and J Baker .

Pineapple flatware is a subtle way to bring this exotic fruit to any northeastern table.  Available at Macy's

Pineapple pillow from Beach Decor.

Well, WOULD you?  If so, tell me how...