Relating To Taliesin West

red door psd This week while visiting family in Arizona, Alex, our children and I toured Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home and school, Taliesin West.  As soon as we entered the grounds we recognized architectural features similar to our house, which was designed by one of FLW’s apprentices, Fred Langhorst.  Langhorst spent 3 years at Taliesin and its influence is very apparent in so many of our home's details.  The organic materials, the permanent connection to nature through floor to ceiling windows, the compression and release effect created by low soffits, the Asian accents, even the gentle rise and fall of the stone steps at Taliesin, all seem to match our home in the East Bay.  Even Wright's favorite paint color, Cherokee Red, is the original color of the built-in cabinets in our project room!

We feel fortunate to live in house that is influenced by FLW's architectural genius to this day, and love to share its history with our children (who want to tour Fallingwater next).

We’re SO going!!

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