The Way We Live: Classic Elements And Bohemian Accents

IMG_3451 This happens to be the 16th home photographed and featured in my blog's [hands-down] favorite category:  The Way We Live.  Each of the spaces I have shared with you has been completely different from the rest but equally beautiful and representative of its owners' style and life experience.  I'm honored to have had the opportunity to turn my lens on this East Bay home.  Its mix of textiles, patterns and color reflect a casual elegance with an inviting coziness, making it a family friendly showcase.  Pieces that have been in the family for generations blend seamlessly with newer acquisitions, thus honoring the past and present in home decor.  In this post the owner (and friend) shares her living room, which much like the rest of her home, combines classic elements with sophisticated boho accents and feel good colors.  Take a look:

IMG_3405 IMG_3443






Thank you, BJP, for sharing your chic and cozy home with my Cocoon Home Blog readers.