Getting Twiggy With Manzanita

If you ever spent time hiking in California, you came across many a Manzanita,  an evergreen shrub indigenous to the West.  Its size and shape can range from a low-lying bush to a multi branched tree.  The twiggy branches are a beautiful mahogany color.  Both the shape and color of the branches make them perfect decorative pieces.  Take a look at some examples of how they can be used to add drama to a space.

At a corporate event this large branch holds personalized name tags for its guests.

Placing a manzanita branch on a large  table gives it room to span out and show off  its beauty.

This one is mine.  Spray painted white and hung on a bathroom wall above the toilet , it represents a feng shui technique that combats downward flushing energy.   The kids look forward to seeing the decorations change with the seasons:  eggs for Easter, ghosts for Halloween, baubles for Christmas...