Learning To Relax***Dolce Far Niente

With 3 kids and their schedules, our schedules, work, household chores, social and  personal obligations, there seems to be NO down time anymore.  Whenever a free moment appears, I find myself filling it with a yoga class, garden work, walking the dog or some type of screen time.  I see this in my husband, too.  We never sit for a moment and do absolutely nothing.  Lately, however,  my body has been practically forcing itself to try it, as if it's applying its own internal brakes.  At times, I feel both mentally and physically fatigued, and I'm learning to recognize it and let go of things that "have" to be done.  I'm hopeful that my current need for quiet moments will also affect Alex and our children.  It's OK to do nothing.  Perhaps even sweet...

Do you find it difficult to slow down and relax?  I'd love to hear how others find the time, or even the will to let go and enjoy a state of true relaxation.

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