Out And About: Observatory

 Artist Nicole Rueda Watts of NYX Studio created a theatrical setting to showcase her handcrafted jewelry in her new shop:  Observatory (located in Cambridge, MA).   I was very excited to come across it while visiting the East coast.  At first, I was drawn to its mid-century furniture and accessories, but upon entering the shop, the feathers, beads and intricate wiring of Nicole’s jewelry collection really got my attention.  She displays them so artfully, that not only her talent as a jewelry designer stands out, but also her skills as an innovative merchandiser.  Take a look at few images I captured while there, I know they will make you want to stop in.

After a month-long trip along the Northeast, we have returned to our home in California [happily so!].  I'm looking forward to sharing another favorite store from our travels with you, one that became the inspiration for an East coast project.

Stay posted for more of our adventures!