Mother's Day: Photos Upon Photos


For the first time since Zoe was born, I'm spending some alone time with my sons while she and Alex are celebrating her Godmother's graduation in Washington, D.C.  This time apart gave the boys and me an opportunity to reflect upon the past together.  We spent the evening chatting about them as babies and toddlers.  The apparent curiosity about their birth and the months and years following it, sparked emotions I haven't experienced in a long time.  It's seems amazing to realize that our 7-year-old twins were once infants.  At times, my mind struggles to remember what life was like when they were tiny.  Looking through their photo albums, my memories were rekindled and I was reminded of many wonderful milestones in our lives.  I'm grateful for every one of them and for all the friends and family members who were there to share them with us.

Happy Mother's Day to our mothers, our mothers' mothers and to all those who have been so loving and nurturing to our children since their birth until this special day.