Prototype: A DIY Vertical Garden Pallet

About a month ago, Alex and I (with the help of a visiting friend) constructed a vertical garden.  Using a free pallet from a local building supply place and just a few other elements, we were able to build a frame able to support soil and plant material.  Hung on a brick wall that encloses our garden, this addition gives it a new dimensional feel by introducing botanicals in an unexpected place.  Take a look at how it all came together and what you would need to create your very own vertical growing surface:

Supplies:  A pallet, a saw, wire cutters, staple gun, chicken wire, coco liner, small pieces of wood (or deconstructed flats for inner soil support), soil, plants appropriate for your climate, eye hooks and mirror wire for hanging purposes.

Cut and size pallet to desired measurements, keeping in mind the weight it will bear when finished.  Ours is 3' x 2'.  Staple a small gauged chicken wire onto its back and line with a coco liner.  Screw in eye hooks on back of frame.  Create shelves within the frame with either small pieces of wood or deconstructed flats to give the soil and plants a place to rest. Fill will soil and attach the  larger gauged wire onto the front of the pallet.   Depending  on the size of your botanicals, you may need to snip the top layer of wire to accommodate their root systems.  Fill the frame with your selected plants, water, and let rest for two or more weeks to give the plant material a chance to establish root systems.   Hang it up and enjoy!