My own before and after kitchen

This kitchen looked worse than it was.   It just needed a few changes.  First, we kept the wood counters but had them refinished the same way we did the floors in the rest of the house.   Dark ebony.  I love the warmth the wood gives to an often cool area.  We also had my dad make new front cabinets the same height as the ones against the window.  Next... new appliances, paint, and FlOR carpet tiles to cover the tile. Eventually I'll install wood flooring  or my new favorite tile from Ann Sacks, Texere.  It looks and feels like linen but is porcelain.  It comes in soft earthy tones and feels great under foot.  I will of course add radiant heat.

The space is the same as it was but easy on the eyes and easy to work in.  Everything is within arms reach.  Even the toys so i can distract the little ones while making dinner or mixing a drink.  Send me photos of your renovated kitchen.