Bunk Bed Reveal

Ikea's Kura bunk bed won me over. At $199 plus a few coats of white paint  it looks just as cool as the ones featured in the post, To Bunk or Not to Bunk. With its bottom bunk resting on the floor the Kura is a perfect fit  for our 4ft knee walls.  Take a look at how the space was transformed from a boys' room to a 'unisex' space for 3.

The Kura bed before several coats of white paint.

The colorful pattern of the rug promted a change in the ceiling stripes.  The blue and beige stripes were repainted in an orange and dark pink.

As one can image everyone wants the top bunk, so by rotating the monogrammed pillowcases everyone gets a chance to sleep in the most desirable spot.  No slights = no fights.