Big Score. Big Branch. Big Mantel.

 On our drive to the SF flower market last week, Natalia and I spotted a utility truck trimming the trees along the highway.  Since we were on our way to buy evergreen branches to decorate both our homes for Christmas, it  took less than a NY minute for me to pull over.  We frantically began loading the van with eucalyptus, holly  and all sorts of pine branches (some with huge pine cones still on them!).   Take a look at how much loot we managed to pack into the car.   This is the story behind the big branch that is now is adorning our big fireplace mantel.  A very happy ending, don't you think?

I just love it when the universe allows such things to happen.  An unexpected moment of serendipity at its best.  I'll show you where the rest of the branches landed next week.

Thank you, Natalia!