The Family Tree

How sweet are these family trees from Famille Summerbelle, a French children's design company that creates delicate and playful prints of maps, trees and toy bags.  Below are a few of my favorite ones:

I really like the way this company uses color in a playful way.  I see these maps and trees hung not only in kids' spaces but in also in hallways, foyers and even kitchens.

Need to share just one more thing from Famille Summerbelle:  Kissing Birds Wallpaper.  I SO love it!  If the stripes in my children's room hadn't been repainted already,  that paper would be going up right now!   Would love to see it mixed with a colorful rug and bold bedding.  All of which, by the way,  I already own.  If the stripes get old,  those kissing birds will surely come flying in...