The Home Office

When creating a home office, it’s important to  balance function, comfort and style.   This can be particulary difficult if you don't have a separate room for it.  Take a look at how some people managed to define a work area and stay in line with their aesthetic sensibilities.

In the above photo the home office space is shared with the living room.   Created by Orange Street Design studio, this workspace is serene and inviting.

Mirrored bookshelves make this space feel bigger than it is.  A quick turn of the chair and all the books are at your finger tips.  Great space for the writer/researcher.

Although this home office has its own defined space,  it's cohesive with the rest of the house.  Space created by Cocoon Home Design.

A compact work station meets all the office needs for  this home owner.  The glass door offers plenty of natural light to work by.

Making the most of a closet.  Close the doors and forget about work altogether.

I love the lamp and the “command” position of the desk in this home office.  Often times it’s hard to place a desk in such a way that one's back is not facing the door. In Feng Shui the belief is that by placing yourself in a “command” position, you can be eye to eye with anyone entering the room.  This allows for easy conversation and a sense of control, and who doesn’t want to be in control from time to time?

Remember, when creating a space for a home office you need to make sure it's functional, organized and inviting, at least for you.  Otherwise,  you'll never get any work done...