Moving Mode: Finding My Way

Since our recent move to California, Cocoon Home blog has served not only as a diary of design inspirations and current obsessions, but also as a medium to express the many emotions a move can inflict on a family.  It's exciting to decorate and blog about our new home, but reality is that adjusting to everything new is not an easy feat.   It impacts one both emotionally and physically.  Leaving behind familiar  people and places can be a test of one's confidence and faith.  Now that our children are in school and adjusting quite well to it (making new friends and embracing routines),  it's time for me to process the changes.  Establishing a regimen, exploring a city I once knew so well, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones will mark my beginnings.  I often think [nostalgically] of all we've left behind, but do believe that finding my way here will bring me opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

Thank you for joining me on this, at times scary--other times exhilarating, journey.