'Til Monday: Donut Lessons

 While standing in front of a donut case last Sunday with three children who excitedly announced their picks and fought over their choices, I started losing my patience.  At some point I realized  there was someone waiting behind us, so I quickly motioned my kids out of the way without actually accomplishing what we set out to do that morning:  to get donuts for breakfast.   The man kindly said:  "Take your time, enjoy your children and the moment.  My youngest just left for college and one doesn't realize how quickly they grow up until they're gone."   I've heard this said before but for some reason the message really resonated with me that morning.  Maybe because it came from a man or maybe because our move has me feeling sentimental,  either way,  it was a true, strong statement.  With our twins entering 1st grade and Zoe in kindergarten,  childhood days are fleeting and I don't want to miss, forget or regret any times spent together.  So here's to living in the moment and eating lots and lots of donuts!

If you're a donut lover (like us) and a baker (unlike me) try baking these or these.  Enjoy!