Off The Counter: Camp Site Cooking With Batter Blaster And Pearled Couscous

  This week's Off The Counter is inspired by food preparations during our recent camping trip to Lassen National Park.  Roasted peppers, couscous and a container of Batter Blaster made for two quite simple, but very tasty meals that would be just as enjoyable at home as they were in our first camp-out since the big move West.  Take a look:

Do you have a favorite meal to prepare while camping?!  If yes, PLEASE share it with us, since we anticipate many more camping trips while living here!

Roasted Pepper Couscous

Ingredients:  2 boxes of pearled couscous, 4-6 peppers, 2 portabella mushrooms, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Instructions: roast the peppers and portabella mushrooms and season all with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Prepare pearled couscous as per box instructions and add chopped roasted vegetables.  Mix together and enjoy!

Batter Blaster

Fire away!

Many thanks to DS, BB and Olive for allowing us to join them on a very successful [first] camping trip with our kids, and d to MT and JT for reserving quite possibly the most beautiful and sought after camp site ever at Summit Lake in the Lassen National Forest!