Moving Mode: Putting Themselves Out There

Now that we've settled into the house that's feeling more like a home, the kids are looking forward to meeting new people.  A week ago they worked on signs introducing themselves to potential friends and hung them on a post at the 'circle', the IT place where neighborhood children hang out.  Feeling anxious and a bit shy, they bravely and confidently put themselves out there and met a few of them.   As time passes, each child adapts to the move differently.  Ben, who's favorite song at the moment is Red Hot Chili Peppers' Californication, is missing his Cambridge comrades the most and finding it difficult to feel like his old self.  Enjoying her very own room for the first time, Zoe has become more independent than ever.  One can overhear her saying things like: "Is this for real or am I dreaming?" and "I want to live here forever!”.  Max who was the first to knock on a stranger’s door to introduce his family swears that when he turns 20 he'll buy a plane ticket back to Cambridge.  Managing the many emotions of three children can be challenging, but I’m so proud of each one of them  for acclimating at his/her own pace.

Here's to putting oneself out there!